Our products for agri-food mill.

Pre-breaking, breaking, reduction and re-grinding of cereal grains and semi-finished products such as bran

Horizontal roller millers

The grinding takes place thanks to horizontal grinding rollers in excellent quality centrifuged cast iron, dynamically balanced, with a high precision approach device and easily removable.

Precision classification and screening for milled cereal products.

Metallic Plansichter

Maximum flexibility and scalability thanks to configurations of up to eight channels with the possibility of 25 or 30 sifting frames per channel, depending on the production and diagram required.

Metallic plansifter
Single channel sifters for selection and classification of particles.

SQx range of Monosifters

The selection is carried out by passing the mix of particle sizes through a sequence of sieves made of metal mesh or nylon, specially mounted on metal frames.

The sequence and internal geometry must be studied according to the selection process and the desired product. Thanks to our experience, we can provide standard solutions for flours, semolinas, and re-milled pasta.

Separation of air from dry dust for extraction systems and pneumatic transport

Self-cleaning filters for dry dust

Our fabric sleeve filters allow you to effectively filter dust and automatic cleaning is guaranteed via sensors and timers.

The residue is removed automatically using special systems.

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