The ST type bran finisher is used in shredding large bran and similar products to better respond to market needs. Bran, in fact, is a waste product from the mill, which, to reduce the ash content of the flour, breaks down the cortical part of the cereal as little as possible. At the same time, however, bran is mostly used in feed production, where the reduced product is most in demand.

The machine consists of a rectangular-shaped casing with a rotor, dynamically balanced, made up of a steel shaft with serrated special steel blades, a special extra-strong steel mesh casing and a motorization. The mantle holder group rotates slowly in the opposite direction to the rotation of the rotor, dragging a free brush, which frees the net from any bodies not yet shredded or stuck in the meshes.

The bran shredder is supplied with a fan, which provides, by blowing air, to complete the cleaning of the internal shell.