Our history

S.COM  was born from the modernization and restructuring of SICOM, of which it maintained the brand, which since 1962 has produced machines and systems for the milling and cereal industries and for various food and industrial applications.

Born from the ingenuity of three expert professionals who worked in Golfetto and Sangati, historic Paduan companies in the milling industry, the company has always stood out for the seriousness and quality of its products, developed and designed entirely by its own Technical Office.

Today the company is able to provide turnkey systems for soft and hard wheat, starting from the design of the civil works, following step by step the construction of the buildings and the preparation of the installation of the machines. We provide the assembly labor and the advice of the most expert diagrammers, in collaboration with the major suppliers of electrical systems, up to the commissioning of the system with the relative help provided by the most expert professionals in the sector. Our service naturally includes after-sales assistance and is complete with the supply of spare parts for parts subject to wear.

In addition to the milling sector, we are able to supply sections and parts of plants for the processing of different products, such as coffee, sugar, cocoa, hazelnuts, peanuts, various legumes, with particular attention to the separation of: – difficult-to-flow and abrasive chemical products , – plastic materials from copper cables, – textile fibres, – rubber, – aggregates, – semi-finished wood products.

Special machines have been designed for shelling cereals and many other applications.

Since 1962 we have been producing and marketing milling systems starting from 20 tons of soft and durum wheat flour per day.
Our technical office is able to develop drawings to meet every customer need, to collaborate in the construction of buildings suitable for milling plants, to provide exhaustive assembly plans for every need.
The construction of the machines is ENTIRELY carried out in our workshops, in Italy, using only locally sourced materials, as regards particulars to our design, and European components, to allow maximum diffusion of quality and minimize any subsequent costs.
We provide assembly assistance, system start-up, after-sales assistance, even if our declared objective is to limit interventions on customer premises as much as possible. We do our utmost to ensure that this happens, within the greatest possible cost reduction, for our customers, and also, ultimately, for ourselves.

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