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For over 60 years, milling plants and industrial equipment for the agri-food industry and beyond, proudly made in Italy.

We have a wide products range.

From the Cleaning to Milling with an addition of Filters and other Accessories for the Cereal Mills.

Industrial milling plants

Are you part of a food business industry? We are specialized in cereals milling but we can do much more

Product portfolio

Are you looking for something specific? Discover our product portfolio.


We are pleased to serve custom solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

We are looking to expand our partner network globally, join the S.COM family with several benefit.

We deliver more than products

from 1962 we produce and distribute with passion Milling plants & Industrial equipment.

Several services are needed in order to guarantee the best customer journey.


Our technical office is able to verify the feasibility of any modification to existing systems, both for restoration by replacing obsolete machinery, and for increasing the production capacity of the plant, through the addition of new machines.

Our focus on Milling plants & Industrial equipment for agri-food industry and more are driving S.COM for continuous improvement.

Processing of grinding diagrams

We make use of the knowledge and experience of the most famous diagram artists in Italy, who collaborate with us in the development of modern and efficient grinding diagrams. The service also includes the modification of existing diagrams to increase production capacity.

Assembly on site

We are able to provide highly specialized labor for the assembly of Milling plants & Industrial equipment, quickly and with high capacity.

After-sales assistance

We guarantee the functioning of our machinery and have many spare parts in stock.

Our spare parts office carries out daily shipments with any carrier.


Our specialists will provide pre- and post-sales assistance
across our entire product range.

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