Rotational Separator

Rotational Separator SR14

Principle of operation

The Rotational Separator is used to eliminate foreign bodies of different sizes from a flow of granular product being processed.

The machine is made up of a freely oscillating metal body, linked to a base structure via suspensions with articulated joints. Two AISI 304 sieves are fixed inside the box, removable and easily inspected: the upper one separates the product from large impurities and the lower one eliminates small waste. The separator can be adapted to all cleaning products by simply replacing the sifting elements.

Generally the machine is combined with a tare machine to obtain further elimination of the light fractions present in the product.

Applications for the rotational separator

Rotational separators are used in a variety of industries, including the food industry, the chemical industry and the mining industry.

In the food industry, rotational separators are used to separate flours, cereals and other food raw materials.

In the chemical industry, rotational separators are used to separate chemicals, such as pigments and resins.

In the mining industry, rotational separators are used to separate minerals, such as gold and iron.


Discover the fields of application


The rotational separator is meant to be used with our Vertical Aspirator STVA.


Model Sleve Size [mm] Production with STVA N [T/h] Production with STVA L [T/h]
SR14/1 600 x 1500 5 35
SR14/3 1000 x 1500 10 60
SR14-5 1500 x 1500 15 90
Opening door for inspection and cleaning
Dedicated supports to reduce vibrations.
ATEX motor with belt protection for safety.
Output of the good product to attach on a dedicated vertical aspirator.

Our Separators value

Eco Friendly

The materials used for construction are highly recyclable and thanks to the quality of the design the components subject to wear are minimal and indispensable.


Three models different in height and width with two different production rate based on the vertical aspirator matched.

Food Grade Material

All material in contact with the product being processed complies with FDA directives for food compatibility.

Focus on details

Over 60 years of continuous improvements to guarantee the best precision and quality of the finished product.


Thanks to the safety equipment and instruction manuals it is possible to operate while avoiding any source of injury.


Upon request we can provide a different color always respecting food and quality standards.

Complete regulation

Adjust the vertical aspirator suction pressure according to the field of use.


The movement is generated using a 1.5 kW elettrical motor.