Open Vibrating Vertical Aspirator

Vertical Aspirator STVA

Principle of operation

Vibrating vertical aspirators are used to remove a variety of impurities from grains, including:

  • Broken grains
  • Damaged grains
  • Leaves
  • Hay
  • Weed seeds

Vibrating tararas come in a variety of sizes and capacities. The size and capacity of the vibrating tare to be used depends on the quantity of cereals to be cleaned.

Vibrating mills are an important equipment for the milling industry. They are used to ensure that grains are clean and of high quality before milling.

Applications for vertical aspirator

The STVA type Vertical Vibrating Aspirator is used in the cleaning of granular products to eliminate foreign bodies, casings and light parts.

Available models

Based on the final usage we offer two different types:

Precleaning Type L
Cleaning Type N


Open Vibrating Vertical Aspirator STVA


The machine consists of a vibrating feed box, suspended on elastic supports, and a suction channel adjustable in several points, the flexibility of which allows adaptation to any working condition.

The light parts are lifted by an air current, which hits the product distributed along the entire width of the suction channel and are conveyed upwards.

The clean product falls into the lower drain. Upon request, a collection box can be supplied, with a magnetic safety element to retain any ferrous bodies, to be inserted under the machine.

The separation process can be controlled via a large illuminated window located on the front of the tarara.

Discover the fields of application


The N model is specific for cleaning while the L it’s for precleaning.

Model Size N [mm] Flow rate N [T/h] Size L [mm] Flow rate L [T/h]
STVA/400 420 x 1660 x 565 2 420 x 1660 x 565 15
STVA/600 620 x 1760 x 565 5 620 x 1810 x 565 35
STVA/800 820 x 1910 x 565 6.5 820 x 1960 x 565 48
STVA/1000 1020 x 2060 x 565 10 1020 x 2110 x 565 60
STVA/1200 1220 x 2210 x 565 12 1220 x 2260 x 565 72
STVA/1500 1520 x 2460 x 565 15 1520 x 2560 x 565 90

Our filters value

Eco Friendly

The materials used for construction are highly recyclable and thanks to the quality of the design the components subject to wear are minimal and indispensable.


Six models different in height and width with two different fields of use based on the depression applied to remove impurities.

Food Grade Material

All material in contact with the product being processed complies with FDA directives for food compatibility.

Focus on details

Over 60 years of continuous improvements to guarantee the best precision and quality of the finished product.


Thanks to the safety equipment and instruction manuals it is possible to operate while avoiding any source of injury.


Upon request we can provide a different color always respecting food and quality standards.

Complete regulation

Adjust the suction pressure according to the field of use.


The vibration is generated via an 85W motor vibrator.