The VO type Horizontal Vibro Strainer is used in the treatment of floured products, to guarantee the total absence of foreign bodies before packaging or as a classifier of products based on grain size.

The machine consists of a cylindrical casing supported on a metal structure by means of anti-vibration suspensions. A rotating reel is inserted coaxially into the cylindrical body, directly coupled to the drive motor, enclosed in a metal mesh, on which the calibrated selection cloth is fixed. The product, transported and collected by the reel beaters, is centrifuged along the internal surface of the calibrated cloth. The vibration, transmitted to the entire machine body by counterweights fixed to the reel, allows the constant cleaning of the shell, facilitating the unloading of the selected product. The waste is led to the exit by the roto-translation movement imparted by the particular inclination of the beaters.