The PM type Metallic Plansichter is used for the classification of ground cereal products and, more generally, for precision screening.

The machine is built entirely of steel with a high elasticity coefficient and is made up of various elements, joined by bolts: two sieve-holder boxes, a central frame in which the motor and the eccentric control are inserted and two lateral crosspieces which allow suspension to an external structure, using flexible rods.

Each box can be divided into two, three or four channels. Wooden sifting frames are inserted inside each channel, according to the product screening scheme, rigidly blocked from above thanks to a screw tightening device. The product to be classified passes through the self-cleaning calibrated screens placed in succession and equipped with a flat rotational motion transmitted by an eccentric counterweight.

The metal plansichter, available with four, six or eight channels, is made in the version with 25 or 30 sieving frames per channel, depending on the production and diagram required. The sieve holder frames, sieving frames and internal linings of the channels are made of excellent quality seasoned wood with all parts in contact with the product covered in plastic laminate.

Metallic plansifter