The Vertical Vibrobrush is used in the selection of particularly fine and difficult to treat flours or as a brush in cleaning flours in which there are residues of bran to be eliminated.

The machine is made up of a welded sheet metal casing inside which is inserted a vertical beater-holder reel, wrapped in metal mesh which supports the calibrated selection cloth, in the case of a flour machine, or perforated sheet metal, in the brush version bran. The machine can be simple with a single reel type VS and double, for bran only, with two reels type VSD.

The product to be treated enters the lower part of the machine; here the rotating beater-holder reel distributes it along the internal surface of the shell. The fine selection of the product passes through the shell falling into the collection hopper, while the waste is dragged by the pallets towards the upper discharge.

The machine rests on elastic supports which contribute, together with the centrifugal movement, to giving it a vibration which ensures the cleaning of the casing and internal walls.