The SPA type CENTRIFUGAL DETACHER is widely used in the particle size reduction of flour products. In mills, in particular, it is used as an aid in refining after the rolling mill steps, characterized by white products with the total absence of cortical parts, such as R1, C1 and C2.

The grain size reduction or ‘chalking’ is achieved thanks to the high speed of the rotor inside the machine. The product, having entered axially inside, falls on the rotor acquiring a very high kinetic energy which launches it through five rows of pegs, two fixed on the lid and three in movement. Upon exiting the rotor, the floured product, unaltered in its organoleptic structure and still at very high speed, is dragged along the bottom of the carcass towards the tangential exit tube.

An additional adjustment of the air-product mixture at the outlet allows you to work without overloads and, consequently, with notable cooling margins.

Compactness and versatility allow the duster to be mounted either on the floor or suspended from the ceiling.