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The service we offer our customers

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DESIGN: Our technical department can verify the feasibility of any modification of the existing systems, both for re-establishing the existing conditions by replacing obsolete machinery and for increasing the plant production capacity by adding new machinery.

We can also design whole new systems, with the necessary relative consultancy about building works, we co-operate with architects, engineers, electricians and electronic engineers supplying electrical systems or building buildings suitable for mills.

PROGRAMMING GRINDING DIAGRAMS: We avail ourselves of the know-how and experience of the most famous Italian diagram makers who co-operate with us in creating modern and efficient grinding diagrams. The service includes also the modification of existing diagrams for increasing production capacity.

INSTALLATION: We can supply highly skilled labour for installing milling systems quickly and capably. Each worker is up to date with all the safety regulations in force and with the payment of social security, insurance and contractual contributions.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE: We guarantee our machinery will work properly and stock many spare-parts for components that are subject to wear and tear, also for machinery that went out of production years ago. Our Parts’ Department ships parts daily with any transport company you may select or with our approved carriers and, if not urgent, with the cheapest mail service.