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Milling Machines and Plants

The Company

S.COM  was founded from the modernisation and re-structuring of the SICOM, Company and maintains its trademark today. Sicom began producing machinery and systems for the milling and cereal industries and numerous food-processing and industrial applications in 1962.

S.COM is the proud result of the combined effort of three professional experts who gained their experience at Golfetto and Sangati, two Padova-based companies with long traditions in the milling industry.

The company has always been distinguished by both its professional commitment and the quality of its products designed and developed entirely at its own Technical Office.

Today, the company can supply turnkey systems and plants for both soft and durum wheat by starting from the design of the civil construction works required and then proceeding step by step to the construction of buildings and preparations for the installation of the machines. The company also provides assembly personnel and consultation from the most expert milling system diagram designers in collaboration with the leading electrical system suppliers until the plant or system is placed into operation with assistance from the sector’s most qualified professional experts.

Our service naturally includes post-sale assistance and is completed by the supply of spare parts for wearing parts and materials.

In addition to the milling sector, we can provide system sections and parts for systems for the processing of different products, such as coffee, sugar, cocoa, hazel nuts, peanuts, and various legumes, with particular attention on the separation of:

 sticky and abrasive chemical products,

 plastic materials from copper cables,

 textile fibres, rubber, inert materials, and

 semi-finished wood products,

Special machines have been designed for cereal hulling and many other applications.

Our professional service

Sicom è un marchio che dal 1962 produce e commercializza impianti molitori a partire dalle 20 tonnellate di farina di grano tenero e duro al giorno, fino a capacità molto ma molto maggiori.
Il nostro ufficio tecnico è in grado di sviluppare disegni per far fronte ad ogni necessità del cliente, di collaborare alla costruzione di fabbricati atti agli impianti molitori, a fornire piani di montaggio esaustivi per ogni esigenza.
La costruzione delle macchine è INTERAMENTE realizzata presso le nostre officine, in Italia, utilizzando solamente materiali di provenienza locale, per quanto riguarda particolare a nostro disegno, e componentistica europea, per consentire la massima diffusione della qualità e minimizzare ogni costo successivo.
Forniamo assistenza al montaggio, start up di impianti, assistenza post vendita, anche se il nostro obiettivo dichiarato è limitare al massimo gli interventi presso clienti. Ci impegniamo al massimo affinché questo avvenga, nell’ambito di una maggiore riduzione possibile dei costi, per i nostri clienti, ed anche, in definitiva, per noi stessi.

Customer service

The service we offer our customers goes from design to after-sales service.


Our technical department can verify the feasibility of any modification of the existing systems, both for re-establishing the existing conditions by replacing obsolete machinery and for increasing the plant production capacity by adding new machinery.

We can also design whole new systems, with the necessary relative consultancy about building works, we co-operate with architects, engineers, electricians and electronic engineers supplying electrical systems or building buildings suitable for mills.


We avail ourselves of the know-how and experience of the most famous Italian diagram makers who co-operate with us in creating modern and efficient grinding diagrams. The service includes also the modification of existing diagrams for increasing production capacity.

Siamo in grado di fornire manodopera altamente specializzata per il montaggio di impianti molitori, in tempi rapidi e con elevate capacità. Ogni prestatore d’opera è in regola con tutte le normative relative alla sicurezza, e con il pagamento di oneri previdenziali, assicurativi e contrattuali.

We guarantee our machinery will work properly and stock many spare-parts for components that are subject to wear and tear, also for machinery that went out of production years ago. Our Parts’ Department ships parts daily with any transport company you may select or with our approved carriers and, if not urgent, with the cheapest mail service.



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